May 2014



The Council for All Wildlife (CAW) is an informal group of organizations and individuals formed to speak up on behalf of the native wild birds of the U.S.


As organizations join the Council for All Wildlife, they will be clearly listed on this site.


To begin with, we are addressing the proposed crow hunt in Utah, which we oppose on numerous grounds. You can read about this by going to the Home page, where you’ll find more information and ways for you to take a stand on this issue.


Our philosophy is as follows:


We stand for polite, courteous, and positive advocacy.


While, in principle, we oppose all harm done to all birds and to any animal, we choose specific issues to target so as to achieve some effectiveness, and we stick to those issues.


While we may have personal viewpoints one way or another, as an organization, we take no position with regard to hunting in general, and we do not campaign against hunting. We are opposed to expanding the numbers of bird species hunted in Utah, and specifically opposed to the proposed crow hunt.


In the future, as situations arise, we will take up other issues that effect American native wild birds (also called “migratory birds,” though not all are migratory). And as it feels relevant, we’ll use this forum to pursue other issues that pertain to all birds that are here, flying in the wild, whether native or not – as well as any other wildlife or exotic species – primarily, but not exclusively – those in the U.S.


We are open to speaking up on behalf of all the innocent wild beings that give our planet so much grace and beauty.


You won’t find any horrifying or graphic descriptions or images here, just basic facts – and also some fascinating and illuminating information and views of wild birds.


We welcome everyone who cares about wild birds and wildlife; it doesn’t matter what state or what country you live in. We invite you to follow our blog, and if you’d like to become more involved with our work, please contact us. (For the time being, just send a comment – this website is still under construction. Thanks for caring about wild birds and animals.)


Photo: User Mdf / Wikimedia Commons / “This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.” / Singing Sands, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada.

  1. Katrina Shadix said:

    Keep up the phenomenal work!!
    How do I become a member?
    Cost of annual membership?
    I will be attending the Wildlife for Us All conference in August, thank you for organizing it 🙂
    Are there any programs involving the wolves living in New Mexico that I can help with while there for the conference in August?

    • Katrina, thanks very much for your comment and for your interest in wildlife! This group, although the site is still up, has actually transformed itself into Wild Kane County. We’d love to stay in touch with you and can do that if you’d like to join our Wild Kane County googlegroup. I think I’ve found you on Facebook and have send a friend request, so you can send me a message, if you’d like to. About the wolves living in New Mexico, I would refer you to WildEarth Guardians — who will have good information. Please let me hear from you. Thanks for caring about wildlife!

  2. Earth Whisperer Conservation said:

    Very nice! I will enjoy following your blog. 💚

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