Summer Successes

Jet Eliot

Black-headed Grosbeak (male), California Black-headed Grosbeak (male), California

Although we are still experiencing high temperatures where I live, the northern hemisphere has assumed an autumn angle, and the new season is underway.

Here are a few glimpses of our northern California summer wildlife.

Violet-green Swallow, male, California Violet-green Swallow, male, California

The black-headed grosbeaks arrived from Mexico for the summer, as usual.  We had several dozen pair and they produced many young.

Numerous other bird species nested here as well.

We were especially aware of the pacific-slope flycatchers because one pair nested right outside our back door.

Day 15, flycatcher nestlings Day 15, flycatcher nestlings

They had two broods in a row.

The California quail were a special treat.  They are stealthy when their chicks are born, because as ground birds they are extremely vulnerable.

California Quail, California California Quail, California

They do, however, take undercover paths to our feeder and water sources, and on two great days we saw a dozen chicks in their…

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