SAMPLE EMAIL – against nighttime coyote hunting

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Please send this on Saturday or Sunday, before Monday morning, August 22, when the Kane County Commissioners will meet to consider a proposed ordinance to allow nighttime spotlight hunting of coyotes and other wildlife in Kane County, Utah.


Please change the wording so that it will be appropriate for you and where you live.


If you live outside Kane County and you would be less likely to visit if there were gunshots at night, please include that. You may also send it as it is.


Please see the instructions at the end.






Dear Chairman Clayson, Commissioner Smith, and Commissioner Matson,


I am very concerned about the proposed ordinance that would allow nighttime spotlight hunting of coyotes, jack rabbits, red foxes, and striped skunks in Kane County.


Kanab is such a peaceful town that draws tourists and visitors from all over the world. The local economy depends on these visitors.


I’m afraid that if people hear that shooting is allowed at night on public lands all around Kanab, and near Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, that far fewer tourists would come to Kane County. Many Americans and nearly all foreign visitors would be very alarmed by spotlights and gunshots at night. They would stay away, and this loss of tourist dollars would be a big blow to all local businesses and would mean loss of jobs too. Even worse, people, or their pets, could be hit by stray bullets. Fatal injuries could lead to lawsuits and very expensive liability issues for Kane county.


Many people really love coyotes. They are seen as a symbol of the American west. It is my understanding that they are a part of nature just like any other wild animal, and they are beneficial – they keep all of nature in balance.


Shooting at night would frighten all wildlife, causing animals to run out on to the roads, resulting in car crashes and human injuries or deaths. It would kill many more deer, and so many are already being killed on the roads. Spotlights would startle birds out of their nests, causing deaths to their young, and would seriously impact a number of sensitive or endangered species – California condors, bald eagles, sage grouse, and ferruginous hawks. Kit foxes who are just hanging on at the edge of extinction could be mistaken for coyotes and killed.


Nighttime spotlight hunting is just a really terrible idea – extremely dangerous for humans, and it would cause chaos on wild lands at night. Nights are meant to be peaceful in this very beautiful part of the world.


Thank you so much for considering this.




(Your name, and your city, state, and country.)



How to help


STEP ONE – If you are in Kane County, please attend the Kane County Commissioners meeting on Monday morning, 10 am, August 22, at the Kane County Courthouse building, 76, N. Main Street, Kanab.


STEP TWO – Wherever you live, please email your comments on nighttime coyote spotlight hunting by going to this email form. It’s very easy to fill out and send. You can cut and paste the email above or you can write your own. If you send this one, changing some of the wording will make it more effective.


Link to Email Form:



Thank you for helping coyotes, jack rabbits, and other innocent wild animals by opposing this really dangerous ordinance!


Photo: Gary Kalpakoff


To join our future efforts to protect wildlife and wild lands, email Wild Kane County,






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