Breaking news: Obama administration grounds aerial hunting, other inhumane predator-killing practices on refuges in Alaska

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Source: A humane Nation, Wayne Pacelle’s Blog

This is a landmark day for some of the nation’s most majestic, recognizable, and woefully mistreated wild animals. And “landmark” barely says enough.
I’m delighted to report that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has followed the National Park Service in prohibiting some of the most wanton and misguided methods utilized to slaughter grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, and coyotes on our public lands in Alaska. The new protective regulations were promulgated this day, and cover all of Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges.
These are vast lands, in many ways among the most important wildlands remaining in the world, and they belong to all 300 million-plus Americans. Each of us holds a piece of the deed to these 76-million refuge acres.
With ownership comes responsibility. Meaning that each of us is responsible for the management—the treatment—of the animals who live on these lands.

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