Yellow Warbler Adventure

Jet Eliot

Yellow Warbler on nest, Wisconsin Yellow Warbler on nest, Wisconsin

Yellow warblers are a sunshine-bright New World warbler.  They frequent willow and cottonwood thickets near streams, swamps, and marshes.

On a recent Sunday I was on the trails of the Horicon Marsh (Wisconsin) at dawn, following the warbler’s subtle seet calls, hopeful to set eyes on this cheerful songbird.

A widespread bird, at this time of year Setophaga petechia are busy breeding in almost all of North America.  They winter in Central America and parts of South America, and migrate to North America in warm months.

Yellow Warbler, Belize Yellow Warbler, Belize

See migration map below.

Their diet consists mainly of insects–moths, spiders, mosquitoes, mayflies, etc.

In the marshy thickets they prefer, they are busy snagging mosquitoes, and hovering underneath leaves foraging among spider webs.

In spite of their glaring bright color, these small birds (about five inches [12.7 cm] long) can be difficult to spot, due to…

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