Tweets, Emails needed to save India’s wildlife

Voices and Visions


By Sharon St Joan

India has the most enlightened animal welfare laws in the world. For example, cow slaughter is illegal in all but two states. Municipalities are responsible for running and paying for spay/neuter programs for community dogs and cats. Sports hunting is illegal throughout India. These laws have been enacted over the past fifty years. The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 provides strict protection for all wildlife.

But, sadly, all this may be about to change! The Minister of Forests and the Environment, Prakash Jevadekar, is energetically seeking to roll back all the hard-fought protections for wild animals. He has sought to reintroduce bullock cart racing after it was recently banned in Maharashtra, and last year, he announced that the laws against jallikattu (bull fighting) in Tamil Nadu could be ignored with impunity. He has allowed peacocks in Goa to be killed and has suggested that it would…

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