India’s Ministry of Forests and the Environment okays killing wildlife

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Two hundred sacred nilgai (blue bulls), have been shot and killed, in Bihar, India, following a directive by the Ministry of Forests and the Environment. Rhesus monkeys, wild boars, and other wild species, normally protected by Indian wildlife law, will also now be allowed to be killed.

A June 10, 2016 article in The Hindu, “Maneka slams Javdekar over culling of animals” reports that the Minister of Environment and Forests, Prakash Javdekar, has declared several species of wild animals to be “vermin,” a designation that allows them to be killed. (See the link below.)

First requesting that the states send him lists of animals that harmed crops or were involved in human/wildlife conflicts, Prakesh Javadekar followed this up by three declarations within the past six months allowing wild species to be killed. Last December, the blue bull, or nilgai, was declared to be “vermin” in the state of Bihar. The…

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