Isle Royale Wolves: NPS welcomes your comments on this project. 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Revised wolf management options

Dear Friends of Isle Royale Wolves & Moose,

The National Park Service has revised the scope of their environmental impact statement regarding Isle Royale wolves. The revised scope is explained in th​is​ NPS document. It can also be found here. NPS is seeking public input on this issue.

Please submit your comments here.

Comment period closes May 16, 2016 at 11:59 PM Mountain Time.

Thank you for your continued interest,

John & Rolf

Source:Website of Wolves & Moose of Isle Royale click Here
Revised Preliminary Range of Alternatives

The NPS will evaluate alternative approaches for bringing wolves to Isle Royale, as well as the alternative of not bringing wolves to Isle Royale (the no-action alternative), which remains a viable option. Following this evaluation and additional input from you on the EIS, an alternative will be selected for implementation and documented in a…

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  1. Connie Ball said:

    My immediate question is what happened to the wolves at Isle Royale that only 2 were known to exist by February 2016. If the reason for the die-off of the wolves is unknown, why would it be any different for wolves that are brought in from other “sources”?


    • Connie, on the TV program “America Unearthed,” which was about ancient Minoan copper mines – there was a discussion of the fact that wolves fall into the copper mines and die. It could be clearly seen that there were fences made of poles around the mine openings, which go straight down into the ground, that were presumably put there to warn people. So, whoever put these fences there could also take the trouble to make some wolf-proof fences to keep the wolves from falling in. And you’re absolutely right that re-introducing wolves while the conditions that killed them in the first place still exist, won’t work! Whoever wants to re-introduce them needs to build wolf-proof barriers around the ancient mines first. Thanks, Connie!

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