Politicians Refuse to See the Big Picture

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Please take action to protect wolves in Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan from anti-wolf legislation that would not only delist wolves butprevents any judicial review. Politicians from WI, Ribble and Johnson, are pushing these bills claiming to be saving livestock producers, loggers and hunters from hungry wolves. Nothing could be further from the truth.These politicians can’t see the forest for the trees. They fail to see the bigger picture. Wolves are essential for the health of our ecosystems as seen in How Wolves Change Rivers. More cattle die due to weather related deaths thanwolf depredations. Human hunting and rough winter kill more deer than wolves. People can learn how to use non-lethal deterrents to prevent problems with wolves and be able to live alongside wild wolves.

The real reason these WI senators want wolves delisted and back in the hands of state management is money. The…

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  1. Wolves are such magnificent creatures, if only more humans were half as noble.

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