Lawsuit Challenges Wildlife Services’ Authority to Kill Wolves in Oregon

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  1. Move the cattle out of the Wolves territory. It’s just that simple. It is not the Wolf’s fault that were given insects to hunt and kill.
    When you are shoving cattle in their faces they kill.
    The Wolf was there first and was created for a reason.
    I swear some of members of the U.S Government and their hired employees were born with a birth defect and should have their heads examined.
    This is not acceptable and not normal.
    They want to kill, kill, kill.
    They want to kill off the Buffalo’s, Wolves, Wild Horse’s and Burros and there are more on the kill list.
    These creature’s are American Icons and they are being destroyed.
    And some U.S Government elected officials and their hired employees will do anything for the livestock rancher. There are members of Congress who where funding and elected just for this reason so livestock ranchers, oil and gas drilling and mining companies can do what ever they want. I all have to do is look at there profiles and who gave campaign contributions.
    Also livestock ranchers want to increase herds sizes so they can export more beef to foreign countries such as China, Japan and others where they are getting top dollar for their beef. It’s a fact and info is via the Internet.
    American’s do not get the luxury of eating range beef and we get garbage that is imported from Canada and Mexico.
    Congress also voted to remove origin of Label from meat products. And 10 out 50 products where tested and 10 out of those 50 products and those 10 products contained horse DNA. And where do they slaughter Equines in Mexico and Canada. And all Equines have carcinogens which is harmful to humans. There is enough articles and documentation in Europe where individuals are suffering from illnesses from eating tinted horse meat.
    People you better wake up.
    If they U.S Government and their hired employees destroy are Buffalo herds, Wolves, Wild Horse’s and Burros and the others on the kill list they can not be replaced. You might only be seeing them in Zoo’s.
    The part of America’s heritages and should be preserved for future generations to see and enjoy.
    The more I’am around mankind the less I want to be around mankind.

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