Good shortnose sturgeon news from Maine, USA

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After measurement and implantation of a small tagging device, UMaine graduate student Lisa Izzo releases a shortnose sturgeon back into the Penobscot River. Credit: Gayle ZydlewskiFrom the University of Maine in the USA:

After more than a century, endangered shortnose sturgeon find historic habitat post dam removal

November 17, 2015

Endangered shortnose sturgeon have rediscovered habitat in the Penobscot River that had been inaccessible to the species for more than 100 years prior to the removal of the Veazie Dam in 2013.

University of Maine researchers confirmed evidence that three female shortnose sturgeon were in the area between Veazie and Orono in mid-October. Researchers had previously implanted the sturgeon with small sound-emitting devices known as acoustic tags to see if they would use the newly accessible parts of the river.

Among the most primitive fish to inhabit the Penobscot, sturgeon are often called “living fossils” because they remain similar to their earliest fossil forms. Their long lives—more than 50 years—and bony-plated bodies also make them unique.

Historically, shortnose sturgeon and Atlantic sturgeon, a related…

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