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Wolves and Writing

The Shasta Pack, CaDFW The Shasta Pack, Ca. Dept. Fish and Wildlife

I’m not complaining, but the way the wolf world is changing in these parts is making me feel old. I find myself making remarks like, “I remember the day when wolves were long gone from Oregon.” And, “Before last week, it seemed like a pipe dream to imagine a family of wolves residing in California.” I remind myself of an old timer, talking about the past like I’ve lived through the industrial revolution or the advent of computer technology.

But there have been enormous and rapid changes in the wolf situation in Oregon and California. Just eight years ago a wolf was found shot in Union County in northeast Oregon and ODFW wolf coordinator, Russ Morgan was quoted as saying, “It’s important for people to be thinking about the possibility of wolves in their area and to understand how to respond. It is illegal…

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