Dakota Wind Turbines Impact Bird’s Breeding Patterns

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Press Release USGS

Breeding Bird Distribution Affected by Wind Turbines in the Dakotas

New wind energy facilities placed in prime wildlife habitat in North and South Dakota can influence the distribution of several species of grassland birds for years after construction, including species whose populations are in serious decline. According to a U.S. Geological Survey report recently published in the journal Conservation Biology, seven of nine bird species studied from 2003-2012, including the significantly declining grasshopper sparrow and bobolink, were displaced from suitable breeding habitat in native mixed-grass prairies after wind turbine construction. Displacement typically started one year after construction and persisted for at least two to five years.

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  1. Connie Ball said:

    I’ve read that there is a new type of wind turbine that has no blades. Could these be a solution to bird death problems?

    • It certainly sounds like it might help. Do you have any further information about it, Connie?

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