A Wolf in California

Wolves in California


For the first time in more than two years, California can officially claim that it is home to a gray wolf. On August 3, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife released an image of a black wolf, taken by trail camera on a remote Siskiyou County dirt road. Over the past few months, irregular sightings of a large, dark canid have rolled in from the southeastern portion of the this north-central California county. In May, a trail camera deployed by the CDFW captured images of this animal, but scat analysis proved inconclusive and no other sign was documented in the area. In June, a biologist conducting a deer fawn survey documented large, wolf-like tracks, made recently by a single animal along a dirt road. This, combined with earlier evidence, led the CDFW to suspect that a wolf was indeed in Siskiyou County, and a trail camera was deployed at the…

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