Crested Guan

Jet Eliot

Costa Rica Crested Guan, Costa Rica

A large arboreal gamebird, the Crested Guan is a curious figure up in the Costa Rican forest canopy.  So big, and yet rooting around in the treetops rather than on the ground.  They feed on fruit and vegetation.

Penelope purpurascens are turkey-like with a small head, large body, and long tail.  You always know they’re around because they’re very vocal, and travel in groups of 6-12.  Also, being so big and heavy (over 3 pounds or 1750 g), they make a lot of noise rustling among the forest leaves and branches.  More info here.

Crested Guans, Costa Rica Crested Guans, Costa Rica

Big , noisy birds with bright red features are a favorite for folks who can’t see too well.  But even for those of us with binoculars, their dapper crest, red eye, and bright scarlet throat wattleare always a welcomed sight

Photo credit:  Athena Alexander

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