Today the New York State Assembly will vote on swan plan



UPDATE from Goosewatch NYC 

YES!!!!! The New York State Assembly passed the Mute Swan Bill 86-5!!! Great Job Everyone! That makes TWO TIMES the NYS Legislature has voted OVERWHELMINGLY to put a stop to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s mute swan management plan and protect this wrongfully vilified species of wildlife from slaughter, and we’re one more step to the bill becoming law. The next step is to make sure that Gov. Cuomo signs the bill (and doesn’t veto it again)….

Please go to their Facebook page below to see how you can help to make sure the bill is signed into law. – Editor


Crossposted from the Goosewatch NYC Facebook page

The NYS Assembly will be voting on the Bill A03675 designed to save our Mute Swans from elimination.
Watch live-streaming of The NYS Assembly from 10:30 AM:


This is a vote on a revised plan for the “management” of New York State’s swans. The plan would result in killing, harming, and depriving of their freedom very large numbers of swans, who are innocent wild creatures who deserve our protection.  – Editor


A later report is that the bill came up today and was “set aside.”


For more news, visit the Facebook page of Goosewatch NYC.


To view the petition to save the New York swans, click here.

The petition is still up so please sign it, even if it is late. Many thanks!


Photo: Courtesy of Goosewatch NYC



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