Migratory birds coming back in Britain

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This video from England says about itself:

26 May 2015

While BBCSpringwatch allows us a fascinating glimpse into the intimate details of the lives of breeding British wildlife for three weeks this spring, here at the RPSB a small group of volunteers has helped to produce their own series of films introducing some of the characters you might see on you TV, the places they live, the struggles they face and how they are being overcome.

Migration is one of nature’s great events. Here, Paul Green, assistant warden at RSPBMinsmere nature reserve, talks about the exciting return of our summer migrants, and the astonishing journeys they’ve made to get here.

Unfortunately many migrating birds are declining in numbers due to loss of habitat, decreased availability of food, and climate change, both here in their wintering grounds and the countries they pass through on migration. The…

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