9 Key Areas That Could Protect U.S. Biodiversity

Natural History Wanderings

Conservation Magazine report  how saving nine areas could have a major impact on saving U.S. biodiversity. They report

Protecting these places would disproportionately protect US biodiversity in places currently not protected:

  • (1) Blue Ridge Mountains (salamanders, fish, trees)
  • (2) Sierra Nevada Mountains (amphibians, trees)
  • (3) California Coast (trees, amphibians, mammals)
  • (4) Tennessee, Alabama, and northern Georgia watersheds (fish, reptiles, amphibians)
  • (5) Florida panhandle (trees, fish, reptiles)
  • (6) Florida Keys (trees)
  • (7) Klamath Mountains (trees, amphibians, fish)
  • (8) South-Central Texas, particularly Austin & San Antonio areas (amphibians, fish, reptiles)
  • (9) California’s Channel Islands (trees, reptiles, mammals)

Read full story at  The US could save its unique wildlife by protecting 9 areas – Conservation.

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