Death Valley Wildflower Report 1/30/15

Natural History Wanderings

Death Valley National Park publishes a Wildflower Friday report weekly on Facebook. Here is this weeks report featuring Creosote:

If you are in the desert during or after a rainstorm, the distinctive odor you smell is the creosote bush. One of the first plants to bloom in the spring, the creosote bush is one of the most common plants in the desert. It is also a very important part of the desert ecosystem. Its blossoms provide nectar for 20 different species of bees. There are a number of different insects that have evolved to depend on the creosote bush, including 2 beetles and a grasshopper. The seeds are an important food source for kangaroo rats. Two different species of lizards also depend on creosote flowers, chuckwallas and desert iguanas. The desert iguana has evolved with the creosote bush so that it is completely camouflaged within this plant, making its home…

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