Save the Wolves, Ban Coyote Hunting!

Exposing the Big Game

One is protected by the ESA, the other can be shot on sight–anywhere, anytime!

THIS NEEDS TO STOP: Echo, the beloved lone wolf who had traveled 500 miles from Wyoming to the Grand Canyon, has been shot and killed by a hunter who mistook her for a coyote. Echo’s sad ending shows why it’s critical that we keep fighting for stronger protections for wolves, grizzly bears, and other endangered wildlife [to say nothing of coyotes, who are shot on sight and hung from fences across the West].

Echo was a symbol of hope as conservationists celebrated the possible return of gray wolves to the Southwest after being wiped out for a century. Echo was probably looking for food or a mate when she was shot…

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  1. Connie Ball said:

    The hunter should still be brought up on charges for killing an animal protected under the ESA.

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