Idaho wolves: Killing Contests Don’t Belong on America’s Public Lands



Crossposted from WildEarth Guardians

A group of anti-carnivore zealots want to slaughter wolves and coyotes for sport and the Bureau of Land Management just gave them the green light to do so on your public lands in Idaho. Even worse the approval is for five years!

We’ve gone to court to stop the madness and now we want your help to tell Secretaries Jewell and Vilsak to stop this killing contest.

We are outraged and disgusted that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service are allowing a vocal minority of wolf-haters to hold body-count killing contests on our public lands. Tell Secretaries Jewell and Vilsack that killing contests are unacceptable.

The event’s sponsor claims their shameful and mindless persecution of animals is a “family event” intended to get kids outdoors. Interior Secretary Jewell has said she wants to use her power as Interior Secretary to get more kids outside—we certainly hope this isn’t what she meant. Let Secretary Jewell know Americans think massacring animals and calling it “family fun” is offensive and reprehensible.

Killing contests ignore science and perpetuate false stereotypes about important species like wolves and coyotes that play essential roles in healthy, vibrant ecosystems.

Though the BLM and Forest Service are responsible for protecting the health and integrity of our public lands, those agencies are aiding and abetting the bloodshed.

Tell them to stop bowing to anti-wildlife extremists and instead to protect our native carnivores.

For the wild,

WildEarth Guardians, group, jpeg org cropped from group, MCU

Bethany Cotton

Wildlife Program Director

WildEarth Guardians

To read this on the website of WildEarth Guardians, where you can access the links, click here.



Photo: © Daburke | Dreamstime.comGray Wolves Canis Lupus


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