Wolves: Brutal management, false facts

Exposing the Big Game

This letter to the editor by Roger Hewitt, a regular reader and commenter to this blog, appeared in today’s Missoulian. Way to go, Roger!


The wolf is politically managed in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Wisconsin and other states, not scientifically or compassionately, but by a set of minds that are wolf jihad-minded, who intend to marginalize the wolf and other predators in the mistaken belief that nature needs to be controlled by man instead of lived with in a sharing attitude. It is being managed by a set of minds that go forward in their brutal management rationalizing it by claiming basically two false facts

• Myth 1: That wolves are harming elk populations which are, to the contrary, up in the states mentioned and other states. Elk populations are up 37 percent in Montana, from 89,000 before wolf re-introduction to more than 141,000 elk now, and elk populations are…

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