What if humans abandoned half the planet to wildlife?: A conversation with E.O. Wilson

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

“E.O. Wilson is a scientist and author who’s concerned with everything from insect society to the consciousness of humans. Over the past 60 years, he’s uncovered fascinating facts about the altruism of ants, won two Pulitzer Prizes for non-fiction, and created the field of sociobiology — the study of how evolution affects our behavior today.

“His latest book, The Meaning of Human Existence, features his scientifically driven musings about the nature of humanity and the biggest challenges we face as a species. I recently spoke to him about what scientific disciplines he thinks are key to solving them — and why he believes we need to set aside half the Earth for other species as soon as possible.”

Source: www.vox.com

GR:  In this interview, Wilson also talks about his next book, the one that argues for half the planet for wildlife.

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