Why care about America’s sagebrush?

editedSagebrush handout-WhyCareAboutAmericasSB_07082014


This Sagebrush handout was published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


To print copies, Click here.

Thanks to Carolina Roa, Conservation Science Program, Tracy Aviary, for sending this.

  1. The “multiple use” approach is largely responsible for the demise of the sagebrush ecosystem. Cattle do not belong there, recreation, especially vehicles, should be banned, and hunting the dwindling antelope and deer is no longer appropriate. We can’t protect or restore an ecosystem while promoting our most damaging impacts. This poster should go back to FWS for edits.

    • You’re entirely right, and I don’t agree with much that is in the poster. I posted it only as a way of acquainting people with the concept that sagebrush is an important part of the ecosystem. Yes, cattle should not be there. Vehicles should not be there, and killing animals is not a way to protect them. On the other hand, the imminent threat to some sagebrush ecosystems (such as the land in Morgan Country, Utah, that we wrote about recently) is not cattle or hunting, it is resorts, condos, and massive construction, which destroys wild lands altogether, and sooner or later, we end up with suburbs and city blocks, instead of any kind of natural land. Thanks for your comment. I do mostly agree with you.

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