A little Brewer’s Blackbird calls for his dinner

Brwer's blackbirdIMG_3694-1


This nestling Brewer’s Blackbird was found on the ground in a park in Price, Utah, by a kind person who brought him to Debbie Pappas, licensed wildlife rehabilitator with Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation in Price. Fortunately, he was in good shape and uninjured. He just needed a couple of weeks of expert care and feeding to give him time to grow up. On August 1st, when he could fly well and eat well by himself, he was released to enjoy his life back in the wild.


If you find a baby bird on the ground, call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for advice on what to do. Sometimes nestlings can be put back in their nest. Sometimes they do need rescuing. Don’t try to raise a baby bird by yourself because it won’t turn out well; the different species have unique diets and special requirements, and it’s a lot harder and a lot more time-consuming than it looks. Often a baby bird needs to eat every 30-40 minutes for 16 hours a day! A baby bird that needs rescuing will need to go right away to a wildlife rehabilitator, who has a lot of training and expertise.


Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation cares for thousands of ill and injured wild birds and mammals. So far this spring and summer, they’ve received many Golden Eagles and Cooper’s Hawks, as well as Cedar Waxwings, a Western Bluebird, mallards, and a host of other songbirds, water birds, raptors, and wild mammals. Many have already recovered and been released, happy to fly or run, free again.


To watch a video of the little blackbird, click here.


Photo: Courtesy of Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation


To read more about Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation, or to volunteer or donate, click here.


© 2014, Coalition for American Wildbirds. Permission is granted to re-post this, unedited, with full credit given and a link to this website.






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