A hunter speaks up for crows



This email was sent by a hunter who is opposed to a crow hunt. Including this letter is not an endorsement of hunting. Our immediate purpose is to speak out against the proposed crow hunt. The crow hunt would expand hunting to a new species. Crows have never been hunted in Utah before, and there is no need to hunt them now.


Dear Members of the Utah Wildlife Board,


My husband and I are both Utah hunters, and we wish to voice our opposition to your proposed crow hunt.


You can’t eat them and they make poor trophies. There are lots of other more appropriate bird species to hunt already.  As for the nuisance factor, crow populations come and go.  We had huge flocks of them in our area years ago, which worried some people, but they eventually dispersed and moved on.


Farmers can get a permit to protect crops if need be. We don’t need a statewide crow hunt.


We respect these very intelligent birds and enjoy watching them.  It would be a travesty to kill them just because they eat, breed, and poop.  Don’t we all?


Please reconsider and let these birds be.


Thank you for accepting our comments on this issue.




Rebecca Vandenberghe

Kanab, Utah


Photo: ID 22195936 © Kurkul | Dreamstime.com  






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